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Meet the Band


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Frank Adamo - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar


Born and raised in L.A. (CA), Frank started music lessons when he was seven, and plays over 70 instruments.  His greatest influences were the British Invasion groups and California garage bands, and formed his first band in 1964.  After moving to Wisconsin, Frank was an original member (bass guitarist) of Phase 6, where he met “Rooster” Rich Heft.  Frank and Rich co-founded QUEST in 1998, and Frank initially played bass, but soon moved to keyboards.  In 2004, Frank left QUEST to play bass guitar with an Elvis Tribute Artist.  In January of 2011, Frank left that project, and in May of 2011, Frank and "Rooster" decided it was time to resurrect QUEST.  Back on keyboards, Frank plays and sings with an excitement and energy that the audiences love.

Steve “Big Daddy” Pulley - Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Brass


“Big Daddy” started singing at a very early age, the product of an extended family of talented singers.  Steve began music lessons on the piano at age 10, and later, on the trumpet.  He began playing bass and singing in grade school in Chicago with his brother on drums.  Steve has sung in A-Cappella choir, Men’s Gospel choir, Barbershop and Motown groups.  He is known for his versatile harmonies and his far-ranging lead voice.  “Big Daddy” gigged in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area while attending the University of Minnesota, where, with Steven Pliam, he co-founded the Rock & Jazz Musicians Club.  He has performed in venues such as Boyd’s On The River, Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, The Cabooze, and Sam’s/Seventh Street Entry (of “Purple Rain” fame).  A studio musician, vocalist and songwriter, Steve has written, as well as collaborated, on several projects in the Madison area.  “Big Daddy” is a vocalist, and plays bass, hand percussion, keys and trumpet.

Tom “TK” Krzystof - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Bass


“TK” was born in Chicago (IL).  Although influenced by many musical styles at a young age, Tom has fallen in love with the sounds of the guitar, and began playing at the age of 13.  Following a non-traditional path for learning how to play the instrument, he studied music theory over the “riff-of-the-day” approach.  Heavily influenced by the progressive rock and fusion “TK” favored listening to guitar players like Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and Alan Holdsworth.  After a chance meeting with guitar great Larry Carlton, Tom changed his approach to music, focusing on a more melodic approach to the instrument.  Living in Chicago, “TK” was also influenced by the blues and rock artists that graced the area at the time.  He honed his skill on the instrument by playing in many groups, most notably, the groups Chaser, Daybreak and Silent Partners.  All of this becomes evident when listening to Tom as he plays his guitar.

Greg “Gb” Boyer - Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass


Born in Seattle (WA), Greg “G flat” Boyer began his drumming career with a snare drum in elementary school and quickly advanced to his first drum kit when he turned 16.  Not being satisfied being a one instrument musician, he soon bought a guitar and taught himself to play.  After graduating with a degree in engineering, he moved to Chicago where he became interested in multi-track recording.  Next he added the bass guitar and keyboards to his repertoire.  His first regular public appearances were in the mid 90’s where he played the bass, drums and lead guitar in church.  Then in 2012, another artistic side emerged when he completed his first electric guitar made of clear acrylic.  His musical interests include Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, The Beatles, Chicago, B.B. King, and Tab Benoit.  When asked which instrument he prefers to play, he says it depends on the type of music.  For the blues, he prefers guitar, but for classic rock, it’s definitely the drums.

David Haugen - Vocals, Bass and Guitar


David "Red Shoes" Haugen hails from Stoughton (WI), and enjoys playing and listening to all kinds of music, but The Beatles, Chicago (the early years), and Phil Keaggy are his favorites. Still, just about anything from the 60's would be on his playlist, along with contemporary Christian artists. Home recording of original music is always happening. Stop by sometime!



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